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Poster Session
Workshop: Math AI for Education (MATHAI4ED): Bridging the Gap Between Research and Smart Education

Poster Session 2

Yueqiu Sun · Haewon Jeong · Nrupatunga . · Hengyao Bao · Tongwen Huang · Debajyoti Datta


Please join us in GatherTown for our poster session. The posters are as follows:

33831 Gamifying Math Education using Object Detection

33829 Who Gets the Benefit of the Doubt? Racial Bias in Machine Learning Algorithms Applied to Secondary School Math Education

33825 Phygital Math Learning with Handwriting for Kids

33824 Exploring Student Representation For Neural Cognitive Diagnosis

33822 An Empirical Study of Finding Similar Exercises

33821 Evaluation of mathematical questioning strategies using data collected through weak supervision