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Workshop: 4th Robot Learning Workshop: Self-Supervised and Lifelong Learning

Versatile Inverse Reinforcement Learning via Cumulative Rewards

Niklas Freymuth · Philipp Becker · Gerhard Neumann


Inverse Reinforcement Learning infers a reward function from expert demonstrations, aiming to encode the behavior and intentions of the expert. Current approaches usually do this with generative and uni-modal models, meaning that they encode a single behavior. In the common setting, where there are various solutions to a problem and the experts show versatile behavior this severely limits the generalization capabilities of these methods. We propose a novel method for Inverse Reinforcement Learning that overcomes these problems by formulating the recovered reward as a sum of iteratively trained discriminators. We show on simulated tasks that our approach is able to recover general, high-quality reward functions and produces policies of the same quality as behavioral cloning approaches designed for versatile behavior.

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