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Workshop: Machine learning from ground truth: New medical imaging datasets for unsolved medical problems.

Data science for healthcare in academia and government

Katherine Baicker · Jennifer Chayes · Aneesh P Chopra


This focus of this session will be twofold, leveraging the panelists’ experience: 1) the importance of well-structured data-science programs within academia as a way to ensure a well-trained, robust pipeline of up-and-coming researchers, and provide the data infrastructure necessary to support ground breaking research and 2) examine what can be done at the federal level to encourage better data sharing and research.

Featured panelists include Aneesh Chopra, President of CareJourney, first U.S. Chief Technology Officer; Jennifer Chayes, Associate Provost, Computing, Data Science, and Society, UC Berkeley; Kate Baicker, Dean and Emmett Dedmon Professor, Chicago Harris School of Public Policy