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Workshop: Third Workshop on AI for Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response

Fully Convolutional Siamese Neural Networks for Buildings Damage Assessment from Satellite Images

Eugene Khvedchenya


Damage assessment after natural disasters is needed to distribute aid and forces to recovery from damage dealt optimally. This process involves acquiring satellite imagery for the region of interest, localization of buildings, and classification of the amount of damage caused by nature or urban factors to buildings. In case of natural disasters, this means processing many square kilometers of the area to judge whether a particular building had suffered from the damaging factors.

In this work, we develop a computational approach for an automated comparison of the same region's satellite images before and after the disaster, and classify different levels of damage in buildings. Our solution is based on Siamese neural networks with encoder-decoder architecture. We include an extensive ablation study and compare different encoders, decoders, loss functions, augmentations, and several methods to combine two images. The solution achieved one of the best results in the Computer Vision for Building Damage Assessment competition.