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Affinity Workshop

Queer in AI Workshop 2

Claas Voelcker · Arjun Subramonian · Vishakha Agrawal · Luca Soldaini · Pan Xu · Pranav A · William Agnew · Juan Pajaro Velasquez · Yanan Long · Sharvani Jha · Ashwin S · Mary Anne Smart · Patrick Feeney · Ruchira Ray


Queer in AI’s demographic survey reveals that most queer scientists in our community do not feel completely welcome in conferences and their work environments, with the main reasons being a lack of queer community and role models. Over the past years, Queer in AI has worked towards these goals, yet we have observed that the voices of marginalized queer communities - especially transgender, non-binary folks and queer BIPOC folks - have been neglected. The purpose of this workshop is to highlight issues that these communities face by featuring talks and panel discussions on the inclusion of neuro-diverse people in our communities, the intersection of queer and animal rights, as well as worker rights issues around the world.

The main topics of the workshop will revolve around:
- the intersection of AI, queer identity and neurodiversity
- queer identity and labor rights and organization
- AI and animal rights
- queer identity and caste-based discrimination

Additionally, at Queer in AI’s socials at NeurIPS 2021, we will focus on creating a safe and inclusive casual networking and socializing space for LGBTQIA+ individuals involved with AI. There will also be additional social events, stay tuned for more details coming soon. Together, these components will create a community space where attendees can learn and grow from connecting with each other, bonding over shared experiences, and learning from each individual’s unique insights into AI, queerness, and beyond!

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