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Shine in Your Technical Presentation

Armina Stepan · Tijmen Blankevoort


Our presentations are most likely the highest impact activities we have as researchers. They are often quite dense. In those 10 minutes in your conference oral, you have the chance to show your work to a large audience for world-wide recognition. This is both incredibly stressful and difficult to do. The months of research that you've done, with all the ideas and all the results, have to be jam packed in a short time interval, and your audience is tired of the long conference and the information hoses they are drinking from. How do you make the most out of your presentation? How do you make sure that people understand your work, get excited by it, and remember you in the future?

In the first part of the session we will cover:
- How to structure your presentation and storytelling
- Captivating your audience and making them remember you
- Guiding your audience through tough and difficult to parse material
- Dynamic and easy to follow slide creation
- Preparation for the big moment
- Frequent mistakes and the psychology of insecurity.

In the second part you are invited to bring your own presentations, which will be discussed in a small group. Don’t worry about getting it right, we’re all here to learn. Your teacher for the session will be Tijmen Blankevoort, Senior Staff Manager of Engineering at Qualcomm Technologies Netherlands. A public speaker with over 7 years of experience, recurring radio and podcast guest, former founder of a successful AI start-up, and research team-lead in Qualcomm working on model efficiency.

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