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Invited talk
Competition: Privacy Preserving Federated Learning Document VQA

Florien Tramèr - Privacy side-channels in machine learning systems

Florian Tramer


Abstract: Most current approaches for protecting privacy in machine learning (ML) assume that models exist in a vacuum, when in reality, ML models are part of larger systems that include components for training data filtering, output monitoring, and more. In this work, we introduce privacy side channels: attacks that exploit these system-level components to extract private information at far higher rates than is otherwise possible for standalone models.

Bio: Florian Tramèr is an assistant professor of computer science at ETH Zurich. His research interests lie in Computer Security, Cryptography and Machine Learning security. In his current work, he studies the worst-case behavior of Deep Learning systems from an adversarial perspective, to understand and mitigate long-term threats to the safety and privacy of users.

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