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Workshop: XAI in Action: Past, Present, and Future Applications

Sum-of-Parts Models: Faithful Attributions for Groups of Features

Weiqiu You · Helen Qu · Marco Gatti · Bhuvnesh Jain · Eric Wong


An explanation of a machine learning model is considered "faithful" if it accurately reflects the model's decision-making process. However, explanations such as feature attributions for deep learning are not guaranteed to be faithful, and can produce potentially misleading interpretations. In this work, we develop Sum-of-Parts (SOP), a class of models whose predictions come with grouped feature attributions that are faithful-by-construction. This model decomposes a prediction into an interpretable sum of scores, each of which is directly attributable to a sparse group of features. We evaluate SOP on benchmarks with standard interpretability metrics, and in a case study, we use the faithful explanations from SOP to help astrophysicists discover new knowledge about galaxy formation.

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