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Workshop: Adaptive Experimental Design and Active Learning in the Real World

Transferable Candidate Proposal with Bounded Uncertainty

Kyeongryeol Go · Kye-Hyeon Kim


From an empirical perspective, the subset chosen through active learning cannot guarantee an advantage over random sampling when transferred to another model. While it underscores the significance of verifying transferability, experimental design from previous works often neglected that the informativeness of a data subset can change over model configurations. To tackle this issue, we introduce a new experimental design, coined as Candidate Proposal, to find transferable data candidates from which active learning algorithms choose the informative subset. Correspondingly, a data selection algorithm is proposed, namely Transferable candidate proposal with Bounded Uncertainty (TBU), which constrains the pool of transferable data candidates by filtering out the presumably redundant data points based on uncertainty estimation. We verified the validity of TBU in image classification benchmarks, including CIFAR-10/100 and SVHN. When transferred to different model configurations, TBU consistency improves performance in existing active learning algorithms. Our code is available at

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