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Workshop: Generative AI for Education (GAIED): Advances, Opportunities, and Challenges

Paper 48: GAI-Enhanced Assignment Framework: A Case Study on Generative AI Powered History Education

Cagla Acun · Ramazan Acun

Keywords: [ GAI ] [ education ]


In the rapidly evolving landscape of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) applications in education, practical uses lag behind theoretical discussions, especially in history education. This article examines a unique application of ChatGPT in reshaping pedagogical techniques within the undergraduate "History of Science" curriculum during the 2022-2023 Spring term. The students conversed with historical scientists through role-playing exercises, mirroring the course progression. We pose the question: How do GAI-driven interventions affect student engagement, learning, and mindset? Our evaluation method, which combines qualitative and quantitative measures, focuses on analyzing student capstone papers. Preliminary findings suggest that most students adapt and excel in this GAI-enhanced environment. However, challenges arose in assessing the correctness of GAI-generated responses and ensuring the authenticity of student-generated content. To address this, we introduce the 'Reference-Check Protocol (RCP)', a safeguarding technique for GAI in classrooms, emphasizing the accuracy of AI's responses and the maintenance of academic integrity. Our research illustrates the potential and challenges of GAI in education.

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