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Workshop: Workshop on Distribution Shifts: New Frontiers with Foundation Models

Context-Aware Meta-Learning

Christopher Fifty · Dennis Duan · Ronald Junkins · Ehsan Amid · Jure Leskovec · Christopher RĂ© · Sebastian Thrun

Keywords: [ Meta-Learning ] [ Few-Shot Learning ]


Large Language Models like ChatGPT demonstrate a remarkable capacity to learn new concepts during inference without any fine-tuning. However, visual models trained to detect new objects during inference have been unable to replicate this ability, and instead either perform poorly or require meta-training and/or fine-tuning on similar objects. In this work, we propose a meta-learning algorithm that emulates Large Language Models by learning new visual concepts during inference without fine-tuning. Our approach leverages a frozen pre-trained feature extractor, and analogous to in-context learning, recasts meta-learning as sequence modeling over datapoints with known labels and a test datapoint with an unknown label. On 8 out of 11 meta-learning benchmarks, our approach---without meta-training or fine-tuning---exceeds or matches the state-of-the-art algorithm, P>M>F, which is meta-trained on these benchmarks.

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