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Workshop: 4th Workshop on Self-Supervised Learning: Theory and Practice

Iterated Piecewise Affine (IPA) Approximation for Language Modeling

Davood Shamsi · Wen-yu Hua · Brian Williams

Abstract: In this work, we demonstrate the application of a first-order Taylor expansion to approximate a generic function $F: R^{n \times m} \to R^{n \times m}$ and utilize it in language modeling. To enhance the basic Taylor expansion, we introduce iteration and piecewise modeling, leading us to name the algorithm the Iterative Piecewise Affine (IPA) approximation. The final algorithm exhibits interesting resemblances to the Transformers decoder architecture. By comparing parameter arrangements in IPA and Transformers, we observe a strikingly similar performance, with IPA outperforming Transformers by 1.5\% in the next token prediction task with cross-entropy loss for smaller sequence lengths.

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