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Workshop: Table Representation Learning Workshop

Scaling TabPFN: Sketching and Feature Selection for Tabular Prior-Data Fitted Networks

Benjamin Feuer · Niv Cohen · Chinmay Hegde

Keywords: [ gradient boosted decision trees ] [ tabular ] [ Representation Learning ] [ Benchmarking ] [ Deep Learning ]


Tabular classification has traditionally relied on supervised algorithms, which estimate the parameters of a prediction model using its training data. Recently, Prior-Data Fitted Networks such as TabPFN have successfully learned to classify tabular data in-context: the model parameters are designed to classify new samples based on labelled training samples given after the model training. While such models show great promise, their applicability to real-world data remains limited due to the computational scale needed. We conduct an initial investigation of sketching and feature-selection methods for TabPFN, and note certain key differences between it and conventionally fitted tabular models.

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