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Workshop: Table Representation Learning Workshop

A DB-First approach to query factual information in LLMs

Mohammed SAEED · Nicola De Cao · Paolo Papotti

Keywords: [ SQL ] [ declarative querying ] [ LLM ]


In many use-cases, information is stored in text but not available in structured data. However, extracting data from natural language (NL) text to precisely fit a schema, and thus enable querying, is a challenging task. With the rise of pre-trained Large Language Models (LLMs), there is now an effective solution to store and use information extracted from massive corpora of text documents. Thus, we envision the use of SQL queries to cover a broad range of data that is not captured by traditional databases (DBs) by tapping the information in LLMs. This ability enables querying the factual information in LLMs with the SQL interface, which is more precise than NL prompts. We present a traditional DB architecture using physical operators for querying the underlying LLM. The key idea is to execute some operators of the query plan with prompts that retrieve data from the LLM. For a large class of SQL queries, querying LLMs returns well structured relations, with encouraging qualitative results.

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