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Video Presentation
Session: Creative AI Performances 1


Adam Cole

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Mon 11 Dec 4:30 p.m. PST — 6 p.m. PST


Kiss/Crash is a multi-screen work exploring the subject of AI-imagery and representation as well as the autobiographical themes of loneliness, desire, and intimacy in the digital age. The installation consists of three individual works in a shared space, Kiss/Crash, Me Kissing Me, and Crash Me, Gently, all of which play with augmenting, inverting, and negating the iconic image of the kiss using AI image translation. Repurposing a classic Hollywood aesthetic through a queer lens, the piece reflects on the nature of images and places AI models within a history of image-production technologies meant to arouse and homogenize our desires. In the process, it reveals the logic of AI imagery and hints at how our relationship to reality will continue to be stretched and shaped by artificial representations at an accelerating pace. This piece celebrates diversity by bringing a unique queer perspective to generative AI, questioning how homogenous representations of love might haunt our AI-mediated future and how LGBT artists can playfully resist and invert that dominant narrative.

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