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Subject-driven Text-to-Image Generation via Apprenticeship Learning

Wenhu Chen · Hexiang Hu · Yandong Li · Nataniel Ruiz · Xuhui Jia · Ming-Wei Chang · William Cohen

Great Hall & Hall B1+B2 (level 1) #215


Recent text-to-image generation models like DreamBooth have made remarkable progress in generating highly customized images of a target subject, by fine-tuning an ``expert model'' for a given subject from a few examples.However, this process is expensive, since a new expert model must be learned for each subject. In this paper, we present SuTI, a Subject-driven Text-to-Image generator that replaces subject-specific fine tuning with {in-context} learning.Given a few demonstrations of a new subject, SuTI can instantly generate novel renditions of the subject in different scenes, without any subject-specific optimization.SuTI is powered by {apprenticeship learning}, where a single apprentice model is learned from data generated by a massive number of subject-specific expert models. Specifically, we mine millions of image clusters from the Internet, each centered around a specific visual subject. We adopt these clusters to train a massive number of expert models, each specializing in a different subject. The apprentice model SuTI then learns to imitate the behavior of these fine-tuned experts. SuTI can generate high-quality and customized subject-specific images 20x faster than optimization-based SoTA methods. On the challenging DreamBench and DreamBench-v2, our human evaluation shows that SuTI significantly outperforms existing models like InstructPix2Pix, Textual Inversion, Imagic, Prompt2Prompt, Re-Imagen and DreamBooth.

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