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Towards Optimal Caching and Model Selection for Large Model Inference

Banghua Zhu · Ying Sheng · Lianmin Zheng · Clark Barrett · Michael Jordan · Jiantao Jiao

Great Hall & Hall B1+B2 (level 1) #1010

Abstract: Large Language Models (LLMs) and other large foundation models have achieved impressive results, but their size exacerbates existing resource consumption and latency challenges. In particular, the large-scale deployment of these models is hindered by the significant resource requirements during inference. In this paper, we study two approaches for mitigating these challenges: employing a cache to store previous queries and learning a model selector to choose from an ensemble of models for query processing.Theoretically, we provide an optimal algorithm for jointly optimizing both approaches to reduce the inference cost in both offline and online tabular settings. By combining a caching algorithm, namely Greedy Dual Size with Frequency (GDSF) or Least Expected Cost (LEC), with a model selector, we achieve optimal rates in both offline and online settings. Empirically, simulations show that our caching and model selection algorithm greatly improves over the baselines, with up to $50\times$ improvement over the baseline when the ratio between the maximum cost and minimum cost is $100$. Experiments on real datasets show a $4.3\times$ improvement in FLOPs over the baseline when the ratio for FLOPs is $10$, and a $1.8\times$ improvement in latency when the ratio for average latency is $1.85$.

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