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Slot-guided Volumetric Object Radiance Fields

DI QI · Tong Yang · Xiangyu Zhang

Great Hall & Hall B1+B2 (level 1) #201


We present a novel framework for 3D object-centric representation learning. Our approach effectively decomposes complex scenes into individual objects from a single image in an unsupervised fashion. This method, called \underline{s}lot-guided \underline{V}olumetric \underline{O}bject \underline{R}adiance \underline{F}ields~(sVORF), composes volumetric object radiance fields with object slots as a guidance to implement unsupervised 3D scene decomposition. Specifically, sVORF obtains object slots from a single image via a transformer module, maps these slots to volumetric object radiance fields with a hypernetwork and composes object radiance fields with the guidance of object slots at a 3D location. Moreover, sVORF significantly reduces memory requirement due to small-sized pixel rendering during training. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach by showing top results in scene decomposition and generation tasks of complex synthetic datasets (e.g., Room-Diverse). Furthermore, we also confirm the potential of sVORF to segment objects in real-world scenes (e.g., the LLFF dataset). We hope our approach can provide preliminary understanding of the physical world and help ease future research in 3D object-centric representation learning.

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