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DreamWaltz: Make a Scene with Complex 3D Animatable Avatars

Yukun Huang · Jianan Wang · Ailing Zeng · He CAO · Xianbiao Qi · Yukai Shi · Zheng-Jun Zha · Lei Zhang

Great Hall & Hall B1+B2 (level 1) #600


We present DreamWaltz, a novel framework for generating and animating complex 3D avatars given text guidance and parametric human body prior. While recent methods have shown encouraging results for text-to-3D generation of common objects, creating high-quality and animatable 3D avatars remains challenging. To create high-quality 3D avatars, DreamWaltz proposes 3D-consistent occlusion-aware Score Distillation Sampling (SDS) to optimize implicit neural representations with canonical poses. It provides view-aligned supervision via 3D-aware skeleton conditioning which enables complex avatar generation without artifacts and multiple faces. For animation, our method learns an animatable 3D avatar representation from abundant image priors of diffusion model conditioned on various poses, which could animate complex non-rigged avatars given arbitrary poses without retraining. Extensive evaluations demonstrate that DreamWaltz is an effective and robust approach for creating 3D avatars that can take on complex shapes and appearances as well as novel poses for animation. The proposed framework further enables the creation of complex scenes with diverse compositions, including avatar-avatar, avatar-object and avatar-scene interactions. See for more vivid 3D avatar and animation results.

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