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Language Is Not All You Need: Aligning Perception with Language Models

Shaohan Huang · Li Dong · Wenhui Wang · Yaru Hao · Saksham Singhal · Shuming Ma · Tengchao Lv · Lei Cui · Owais Khan Mohammed · Barun Patra · Qiang Liu · Kriti Aggarwal · Zewen Chi · Nils Bjorck · Vishrav Chaudhary · Subhojit Som · XIA SONG · Furu Wei

Great Hall & Hall B1+B2 (level 1) #2020


A big convergence of language, multimodal perception, action, and world modeling is a key step toward artificial general intelligence. In this work, we introduce KOSMOS-1, a Multimodal Large Language Model (MLLM) that can perceive general modalities, learn in context (i.e., few-shot), and follow instructions (i.e., zero-shot). Specifically, we train KOSMOS-1 from scratch on web-scale multi-modal corpora, including arbitrarily interleaved text and images, image-caption pairs, and text data. We evaluate various settings, including zero-shot, few-shot, and multimodal chain-of-thought prompting, on a wide range of tasks without any gradient updates or finetuning. Experimental results show that KOSMOS-1 achieves impressive performance on (i) language understanding, generation, and even OCR-free NLP (directly fed with document images), (ii) perception-language tasks, including multimodal dialogue, image captioning, visual question answering, and (iii) vision tasks, such as image recognition with descriptions (specifying classification via text instructions). We also show that MLLMs can benefit from cross-modal transfer, i.e., transfer knowledge from language to multimodal, and from multimodal to language. In addition, we introduce a dataset of Raven IQ test, which diagnoses the nonverbal reasoning capability of MLLMs.

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