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StyleGAN knows Normal, Depth, Albedo, and More

Anand Bhattad · Daniel McKee · Derek Hoiem · David Forsyth

Great Hall & Hall B1+B2 (level 1) #543

Abstract: Intrinsic images, in the original sense, are image-like maps of scene properties like depth, normal, albedo, or shading. This paper demonstrates that StyleGAN can easily be induced to produce intrinsic images. The procedure is straightforward. We show that if StyleGAN produces $G({\bf w})$ from latent ${\bf w}$, then for each type of intrinsic image, there is a fixed offset ${\bf d}_c$ so that $G({\bf w}+{\bf d}_c)$ is that type of intrinsic image for $G({\bf w})$. Here ${\bf d}_c$ is {\em independent of ${\bf w}$}. The StyleGAN we used was pretrained by others, so this property is not some accident of our training regime. We show that there are image transformations StyleGAN will {\em not} produce in this fashion, so StyleGAN is not a generic image regression engine. It is conceptually exciting that an image generator should ``know'' and represent intrinsic images. There may also be practical advantages to using a generative model to produce intrinsic images. The intrinsic images obtained from StyleGAN compare well both qualitatively and quantitatively with those obtained by using SOTA image regression techniques; but StyleGAN's intrinsic images are robust to relighting effects, unlike SOTA methods.

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