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REASONER: An Explainable Recommendation Dataset with Comprehensive Labeling Ground Truths

Xu Chen · Jingsen Zhang · Lei Wang · Quanyu Dai · Zhenhua Dong · Ruiming Tang · Rui Zhang · Li Chen · Xin Zhao · Ji-Rong Wen

Great Hall & Hall B1+B2 (level 1) #1518


Explainable recommendation has attracted much attention from the industry and academic communities. It has shown great potential to improve the recommendation persuasiveness, informativeness and user satisfaction. In the past few years, while a lot of promising explainable recommender models have been proposed, the datasets used to evaluate them still suffer from several limitations, for example, the explanation ground truths are not labeled by the real users, the explanations are mostly single-modal and around only one aspect. To bridge these gaps, in this paper, we build a new explainable recommendation dataset, which, to our knowledge, is the first contribution that provides a large amount of real user labeled multi-modal and multi-aspect explaination ground truths. In specific, we firstly develop a video recommendation platform, where a series of questions around the recommendation explainability are carefully designed. Then, we recruit about 3000 high-quality labelers with different backgrounds to use the system, and collect their behaviors and feedback to our questions. In this paper, we detail the construction process of our dataset and also provide extensive analysis on its characteristics. In addition, we develop a library, where ten well-known explainable recommender models are implemented in a unified framework. Based on this library, we build several benchmarks for different explainable recommendation tasks. At last, we present many new opportunities brought by our dataset, which are expected to promote the field of explainable recommendation. Our dataset, library and the related documents have been released at

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