Multimodal Clinical Benchmark for Emergency Care (MC-BEC): A Comprehensive Benchmark for Evaluating Foundation Models in Emergency Medicine

Emma Chen · Aman Kansal · Julie Chen · Boyang Tom Jin · Julia Reisler · David Kim · Pranav Rajpurkar

Great Hall & Hall B1+B2 (level 1) #441
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Thu 14 Dec 3 p.m. PST — 5 p.m. PST


We propose the Multimodal Clinical Benchmark for Emergency Care (MC-BEC), a comprehensive benchmark for evaluating foundation models in Emergency Medicine using a dataset of 100K+ continuously monitored Emergency Department visits from 2020-2022. MC-BEC focuses on clinically relevant prediction tasks at timescales from minutes to days, including predicting patient decompensation, disposition, and emergency department (ED) revisit, and includes a standardized evaluation framework with train-test splits and evaluation metrics. The multimodal dataset includes a wide range of detailed clinical data, including triage information, prior diagnoses and medications, continuously measured vital signs, electrocardiogram and photoplethysmograph waveforms, orders placed and medications administered throughout the visit, free-text reports of imaging studies, and information on ED diagnosis, disposition, and subsequent revisits. We provide performance baselines for each prediction task to enable the evaluation of multimodal, multitask models. We believe that MC-BEC will encourage researchers to develop more effective, generalizable, and accessible foundation models for multimodal clinical data.

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