NeurIPS 2023
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Machine Learning for Audio

Brian Kulis · Sadie Allen · Sander Dieleman · Shrikanth Narayanan · Rachel Manzelli · Alice Baird · Alan Cowen

Room 228 - 230

Sat 16 Dec, 6:20 a.m. PST

The Machine Learning for Audio Workshop at NeurIPS 2023 will bring together audio practitioners and machine learning researchers to a venue focused on various problems in audio, including music information retrieval, acoustic event detection, computational paralinguistics, speech transcription, multimodal modeling, and generative modeling of speech and other sounds. Our team has previously held multiple audio-related workshops at top machine learning venues, and both the organizing team and invited speakers represent broad diversity in terms of gender identity, affiliation, seniority, and geography. We also plan to solicit workshop papers on the topic.

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Timezone: America/Los_Angeles