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This year, the NIPS Program Committee is giving three sets of awards.

Outstanding Paper Awards are given to up to three NIPS papers submitted this year which are deemed to be of exceptional quality. These awards are selected by a special Awards Committee from papers nominated by the Area Chairs. The selection is based on the quality, originality, and clarity of the submission and its expected future impact, using information from the reviews and an independent reading of the papers.

The NIPS Classic Paper Award goes to a paper from NIPS 10 to 15 years ago which has made a clear impact to the field as deemed by the Awards Committee.

Up to 100 Reviewer Awards are given to reviewers who wrote exceptionally careful, thorough and useful reviews. While the work of all reviewers is essential to the conference, these award winning reviewers are to be especially thanked for the quality of their reviews.

NIPS 2013 Awards

Outstanding Paper Awards

A memory frontier for complex synapses
Subhaneil Lahiri (Stanford University)
Surya Ganguli (Stanford University)

Submodular Optimization with Submodular Cover and Submodular Knapsack Constraints
Rishabh Iyer (University of Washington, Seattle)
Jeff Bilmes (University of Washington, Seattle)

Scalable Influence Estimation in Continuous-Time Diffusion Networks
Nan Du (Georgia Tech)
Le Song (Georgia Tech)
Manuel Gomez-Rodriguez (MPI for Intelligent Systems)
Hongyuan Zha (Georgia Tech)

NIPS Classic Paper Award

Algorithms for non-negative matrix factorization (2000)
Daniel D. Lee
H. Sebastian Seung

Reviewer Awards

  • Aasa Feragen
  • Abel Rodriguez
  • Adam Johansen
  • Afshin Rostamizadeh
  • Akshay Krishnamurthy
  • Alessandro Lazaric
  • Anand Sarwate
  • Andrea Vedaldi
  • Andreas Argyriou
  • Andrew Saxe
  • Andrew Wilson
  • Animashree Anandkumar
  • Anna Rafferty
  • Archana Venkataraman
  • Arnak Dalalyan
  • Arthur Choi
  • Benjamin Packer
  • Bernardino Romera Paredes
  • Brian McFee
  • Charles Isbell
  • Charlie Tang
  • Christian Machens
  • Christoph Sawade
  • Daniel Polani
  • David Mimno
  • David Wingate
  • David Wipf
  • Dhruv Batra
  • Emmanuel Dauce
  • Florent Perronnin
  • Gerhard Neumann
  • Hua Ouyang
  • Ilya Sutskever
  • Jake Bouvrie
  • Jaldert Rombouts
  • James Hensman
  • James Martens
  • Jasper Snoek
  • Jennifer Gillenwater
  • Jens Kober
  • Jian Peng
  • John Fisher III
  • Jonathan Huang
  • Joseph Austerweil
  • Joseph Salmon
  • Junzhou Huang
  • Justin Domke
  • Kenji Fukumizu
  • Lars Buesing
  • Laurent Jacob
  • Marc Deisenroth
  • Marcello Restelli
  • Marco Cuturi
  • Mariya Ishteva
  • Mark Schmidt
  • Matthew Liptrot
  • Matthias Hein
  • Matus Telgarsky
  • Michael Hughes
  • Michael Mahoney
  • Michel Besserve
  • Morteza Alamgir
  • Neil Houlsby
  • Nicholas Bryan
  • Nick Foti
  • Nicolas Heess
  • Paolo Favaro
  • Pascal Poupart
  • Peter Bartlett
  • Peter Frazier
  • Pierre Geurts
  • Ping Li
  • Piyush Rai
  • Purushottam Kar
  • Reggis Sabbadin
  • Rina Foygel
  • Ron Meir
  • Ronald Ortner
  • Rong Ge
  • Rui Kuang
  • Sam Gershman
  • Scott Linderman
  • Scott Yih
  • Sebastien Gerchinovitz
  • Simon Lacoste-Julien
  • Stephen Bach
  • Svetlana Lazebnik
  • Tamara Broderick
  • Thomas Dietterich
  • Thomas Richardson
  • Tom Minka
  • Tom Walters
  • Tomas Werner
  • Tyler Neylon
  • Uri Shalit
  • Victor Lempitsky
  • Vikas Singh
  • Xaq Pitkow
  • Yihong Wu
  • Zaid Harchaoui