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Call for Meetups

As detailed in our blog post, NeurIPS strongly encourages the organization of remote meetups to provide an additional way for the NeurIPS community - and specifically members of the community who are not able to attend the conference - to engage with NeurIPS scientific content.

We are therefore looking for meetup organizers, sponsors, and hosts to volunteer to create a network of NeurIPS meetups around the world. To ensure a smooth experience for all participants, we encourage you to submit proposals for meetups. We will select some of them to be advertised and promoted as official meetups.

Important dates

Deadline for submitting a proposal: November, 8th.
Notification of acceptance: November, 15th


To submit a proposal, please fill out this form.

If you wish to organize a NeurIPS meetup but do not yet have a location or sponsorship, please indicate it in the form and we will do our best to assist you.

Why submit a proposal?

We will promote selected proposals on the NeurIPS website. The meetup chairs will also be dedicated to helping the selected meetups. Note that you may still organize a meetup even if your proposal is not selected or if you do not submit a proposal. It will simply not be considered an official NeurIPS meetup.

Code of conduct

Selected meetups will be an official part of NeurIPS, and organizers must require each participant to sign the NeurIPS Code of Conduct.

How will proposals be judged?

We will prioritize meetups that:

  • Broadcast a large part of the conference.

  • Are in parts of the world with traditionally low access to ML conferences.

  • Provide an inclusive environment. This includes accommodating attendees with children, catering to dietary restrictions, and having designated people to make sure that the NeurIPS code of conduct is respected.


If you wish to host (but not organize) a NeurIPS meetup, please fill in this form.


If you are an organization and wish to sponsor (but not organize) a NeurIPS meetup, please fill in this form.