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Diversity & Inclusion

The Neural Information Processing Systems Conference is taking seriously questions of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our conference. Our efforts are building on several grassroots efforts from the past--like the Women in Machine Learning sessions and Black in AI, Queer in AI and LatinX in AI workshops--and working to expand these efforts to make the conference as welcoming as possible to all.

In addition to hosting diversity-related events, the conference is also making and considering structural changes. These include a new Code of Conduct introduced in 2018, and a new acronym and logo. We are also actively working to make the conference event itself more inclusive, including supporting childcare (and continuing the mother's room introduced by WiML), and are currently exploring options with the venue and caterers to ensure that everyone can have a positive, equitable conference experience. You can follow up at @InclusionInML for the latest information.

See our page about child care support.

For 2019, the Diversity and Inclusion chairs would like to especially thank our volunteer advisory board: William AgnewTimnit GebruShakir Mohamed, and Alice Oh!

If you have any feedback or questions related to diversity and inclusion efforts at the conference, would like to volunteer, or have suggestions, please contact the Diversity and Inclusion co-chairs (Katherine Heller and Hal Daumé III) by email at And please attend the Town Hall on Tuesday at 1:15pm (see schedule) for further discussion of diversity and inclusion issues.


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