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Tue Dec 14 05:45 AM -- 01:30 PM (PST)
AI for Credible Elections: A Call to Action
Biplav Srivastava · Anita Nikolich · Huan Liu · Natwar Modani · Tarmo Koppel

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Credible Elections are vital to democracy. How can AI help?
Artificial intelligence and machine learning have transformed modern society. It also impacts how elections are conducted in democracies, with mixed outcomes. For example, digital marketing campaigns have enabled candidates to connect with voters at scale and communicate remotely during COVID-19, but there remains
widespread concern about the spread of election disinformation as the result of AI-enabled bots and aggressive strategies. In response, we propose a workshop that will examine the challenges of credible elections globally in an academic setting with apolitical discussion of significant issues. The speakers, panels and reviewed papers
will discuss current and best practices in holding elections, tools available for candidates and experience of voters. They will highlight gaps and experience from AI-based interventions. To ground the discussion, the invited speakers and panelists are drawn from three geographies as illustrative: US - representing one of the
world’s oldest democracies; India - representing the largest democracy in the world; and Estonia - representing a country using digital technologies extensively during elections and as a facet of daily life.

Workshop Introduction (Introduction to the workshop)
Invited talk 1: Arvind Gupta, “Indian Elections : Scale, Use of technology and SOTA outcomes” (Invited talk)
Invited talk 2: Tanel Tammet, "Internet voting in Estonian elections: maintaining trust and mitigating issues" (Invited talk)
Panel: Can AI Combat Election Disinformation? Panelists: Arvind Gupta, Krithi Ramamritham,Tanel Tammet, Steve Newell, Moderator: Huan Liu (Discussion Panel)
Poster session (Posters)
P1: On Voter Characterisation In Developing Democracies (Workshop poster)
P2: An End-to-End Computational System for Monitoring and Verifying Factual Claims (Workshop poster)
P3: Quadratic Voting for Survey Research (QVSR): A platform for deploying QV in survey contexts (Workshop poster)
P4: Facebooking for Political Likes: Trends in Paid Election Campaigning on Facebook (Workshop poster)
P5: Exploring Fairness in District-based Electoral Systems through Calibrated Simulations (Workshop poster)
Invited talk 3: Jack Cable, "Election security: More than just the votes" (Invited talk)
Invited talk 4: Jeremy Epstein, "AI and Elections: Hammering a Screw" (Invited talk)
Panel: Research Gaps in AI for Elections, Panelists: Jack Cable, Jeremy Epstein, Sagar Samtani, Moderator: Anita Nikolich (Discussion Panel)
Closing remarks (Closing)