NeurIPS 2021 Meeting Dates

 SessionStart Date
Conference Sessions, Tutorials and Workshops Mon Dec 6th through Tue the 14th

Dates by Category

Registration Opens Sep 22 '21 05:00 PM UTC
Financial Assistance Application Closes Nov 26 '21(Anywhere on Earth)
Competition Submission Opens Mar 22 '21 01:00 AM UTC
Competition Submission Deadline Mar 31 '21(Anywhere on Earth)
Competition Acceptance Notification Apr 19 '21(Anywhere on Earth)
Datasets and Benchmarks
Datasets and Benchmarks Submission deadline round 1 Jun 04 '21(Anywhere on Earth)
Dataset and Benchmarks Reviews released and start of discussions Jul 05 '21(Anywhere on Earth)
Author notification for the first round Jul 17 '21(Anywhere on Earth)
Datasets and Benchmarks Abstract Deadline Aug 20 '21(Anywhere on Earth)
Datasets and Benchmarks Submission deadline (2nd round) Aug 27 '21(Anywhere on Earth)
Datasets and Benchmarks (Round 2) Start of discussions Sep 21 '21(Anywhere on Earth)
Datasets and Benchmarks Author notification 2nd round Oct 08 '21(Anywhere on Earth)
Demonstration Submission Deadline Aug 27 '21(Anywhere on Earth)
Demonstration Notification Oct 07 '21(Anywhere on Earth)
Meetup Submission Deadline Jul 01 '21(Anywhere on Earth)
Meetup Notification of Acceptance Round 1 Aug 03 '21 01:00 AM UTC
Meetup Submission Deadline Round 2 Oct 04 '21(Anywhere on Earth)
Meetup Notification of Acceptance Round 2 Oct 24 '21(Anywhere on Earth)
Main Conference Paper Submission
Abstract Submission Deadline May 21 '21 08:00 PM UTC
Paper submission and co-author registration deadline May 28 '21 08:00 PM UTC
Supplementary Material Submission Deadline Jun 04 '21 08:00 PM UTC
Reviews released to authors Aug 03 '21 08:00 PM UTC
Author Notification Sep 28 '21 08:00 PM UTC
Main Conference Accepted Paper Video Upload Deadline Oct 18 '21(Anywhere on Earth)
Paper Submission Camera Ready Deadline Oct 26 '21 08:00 PM UTC
Socials Submission Deadline Sep 08 '21(Anywhere on Earth)
Socials Notification Date Sep 15 '21(Anywhere on Earth)
Volunteer and Financial Assistant Applications Open Sep 21 '21 05:00 PM UTC
Volunteer and Travel Application Deadline Oct 15 '21 06:59 AM UTC
Volunteer Application Notification Oct 19 '21 06:59 AM UTC
Applications for Workshops Open May 28 '21 04:00 PM UTC
Workshop Application Deadline Jun 22 '21 07:00 AM UTC
Workshop Notifications Jul 21 '21 07:00 AM UTC
Workshop Organizers Submission Deadline for Contributed Papers Sep 17 '21 07:00 AM UTC
Workshop Mandatory Accept/Reject Notification Date Oct 22 '21 06:59 AM UTC
Workshop / Tutorial / Competitions / Datasets and Benchmarks SlidesLive video upload deadline Nov 01 '21(Anywhere on Earth)
Deadline for organizers to create GatherTown spaces. Nov 08 '21 02:00 AM UTC
Workshop Start End Time Freeze Nov 08 '21 06:00 PM UTC