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Structured Matrix Recovery via the Generalized Dantzig Selector

Sheng Chen · Arindam Banerjee

Area 5+6+7+8 #46

Keywords: [ (Other) Statistics ] [ Learning Theory ] [ Sparsity and Feature Selection ]


In recent years, structured matrix recovery problems have gained considerable attention for its real world applications, such as recommender systems and computer vision. Much of the existing work has focused on matrices with low-rank structure, and limited progress has been made on matrices with other types of structure. In this paper we present non-asymptotic analysis for estimation of generally structured matrices via the generalized Dantzig selector based on sub-Gaussian measurements. We show that the estimation error can always be succinctly expressed in terms of a few geometric measures such as Gaussian widths of suitable sets associated with the structure of the underlying true matrix. Further, we derive general bounds on these geometric measures for structures characterized by unitarily invariant norms, a large family covering most matrix norms of practical interest. Examples are provided to illustrate the utility of our theoretical development.

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