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PerforatedCNNs: Acceleration through Elimination of Redundant Convolutions

Mikhail Figurnov · Aizhan Ibraimova · Dmitry Vetrov · Pushmeet Kohli

Area 5+6+7+8 #42

Keywords: [ Deep Learning or Neural Networks ] [ (Application) Computer Vision ]


We propose a novel approach to reduce the computational cost of evaluation of convolutional neural networks, a factor that has hindered their deployment in low-power devices such as mobile phones. Inspired by the loop perforation technique from source code optimization, we speed up the bottleneck convolutional layers by skipping their evaluation in some of the spatial positions. We propose and analyze several strategies of choosing these positions. We demonstrate that perforation can accelerate modern convolutional networks such as AlexNet and VGG-16 by a factor of 2x - 4x. Additionally, we show that perforation is complementary to the recently proposed acceleration method of Zhang et al.

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