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Beyond Exchangeability: The Chinese Voting Process

Moontae Lee · Seok Hyun Jin · David Mimno

Area 5+6+7+8 #192

Keywords: [ (Application) Social Networks ] [ (Application) Collaborative Filtering and Recommender Systems ] [ (Application) Web Applications and Internet Data ]


Many online communities present user-contributed responses, such as reviews of products and answers to questions. User-provided helpfulness votes can highlight the most useful responses, but voting is a social process that can gain momentum based on the popularity of responses and the polarity of existing votes. We propose the Chinese Voting Process (CVP) which models the evolution of helpfulness votes as a self-reinforcing process dependent on position and presentation biases. We evaluate this model on Amazon product reviews and more than 80 StackExchange forums, measuring the intrinsic quality of individual responses and behavioral coefficients of different communities.

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