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Machine Learning for Health (ML4H): Moving beyond supervised learning in healthcare

Andrew Beam · Tristan Naumann · Marzyeh Ghassemi · Matthew McDermott · Madalina Fiterau · Irene Y Chen · Brett Beaulieu-Jones · Michael Hughes · Farah Shamout · Corey Chivers · Jaz Kandola · Alexandre Yahi · Samuel Finlayson · Bruno Jedynak · Peter Schulam · Natalia Antropova · Jason Fries · Adrian Dalca · Irene Chen

Room 517 D

Machine learning has had many notable successes within healthcare and medicine. However, nearly all such successes to date have been driven by supervised learning techniques. As a result, many other important areas of machine learning have been neglected and under appreciated in healthcare applications. In this workshop, we will convene a diverse set of leading researchers who are pushing beyond the boundaries of traditional supervised approaches. Attendees at the workshop will gain an appreciation for problems that are unique to healthcare and a better understanding of how machine learning techniques, including clustering, active learning, dimensionality reduction, reinforcement learning, causal inference, and others, may be leveraged to solve important clinical problems.

This year’s program will also include spotlight presentations and two poster sessions highlighting novel research contributions at the intersection of machine learning and healthcare. We will invite submission of two­ page abstracts (not including references) for poster contributions. Topics of interest include but are not limited to models for diseases and clinical data, temporal models, Markov decision processes for clinical decision support, multi­scale data-­integration, modeling with missing or biased data, learning with non-stationary data, uncertainty and uncertainty propagation, non ­i.i.d. structure in the data, critique of models, interpretable models, causality, model biases, transfer learning, and incorporation of non-clinical (e.g., socioeconomic) factors.

The broader goal of the NIPS 2018 Machine Learning for Health Workshop (ML4H) is to foster collaborations that meaningfully impact medicine by bringing together clinicians, health data experts, and machine learning researchers. Attendees at this workshop can also expect to broaden their network of collaborators to include clinicians and machine learning researchers who are focused on solving some of the most import problems in medicine and healthcare.

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