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Affinity Workshop: WiML Workshop 1

As easy as APC: Leveraging self-supervised learning in the context of time series classification with varying levels of sparsity and severe class imbalance

Fiorella Wever


High levels of sparsity and strong class imbalance are ubiquitous challenges that are often presented simultaneously in real-world time series data. While most methods tackle each problem separately, our proposed approach handles both in conjunction, while imposing fewer assumptions on the data. In this work, we propose leveraging a self-supervised learning method, specifically Autoregressive Predictive Coding (APC), to learn relevant hidden representations of time series data in the context of both missing data and class imbalance. We apply APC using either a GRU or GRU-D encoder on two real-world datasets, and show that applying one-step-ahead prediction with APC improves the classification results in all settings. In fact, by applying GRU-D - APC, we achieve state-of-the-art AUPRC results on the Physionet benchmark.

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