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Affinity Workshop: WiML Workshop 1

Propagation on Multi-relational Graphs for Node Regression

Eda Bayram


Recent years have witnessed a rise in real-world data captured with rich structural information that can be conveniently depicted by multi-relational graphs. While inference of continuous node features across a simple graph is rather under-studied by the current relational learning research, we go one step further and focus on the node regression problem on multi-relational graphs. We take inspiration from the well-known label propagation algorithm aiming at completing categorical features across a simple graph and propose a novel propagation framework for completing missing continuous features at the nodes of a multi-relational and directed graph. Our multi-relational propagation algorithm is composed of iterative neighborhood aggregations which originate from a relational local generative model. Our findings show the benefit of exploiting the multi-relational structure of the data in node regression task.

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