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Non-local Latent Relation Distillation for Self-Adaptive 3D Human Pose Estimation

Jogendra Nath Kundu · Siddharth Seth · Anirudh Jamkhandi · Pradyumna YM · Varun Jampani · Anirban Chakraborty · Venkatesh Babu R


Keywords: [ Domain Adaptation ] [ Vision ]


Available 3D human pose estimation approaches leverage different forms of strong (2D/3D pose) or weak (multi-view or depth) paired supervision. Barring synthetic or in-studio domains, acquiring such supervision for each new target environment is highly inconvenient. To this end, we cast 3D pose learning as a self-supervised adaptation problem that aims to transfer the task knowledge from a labeled source domain to a completely unpaired target. We propose to infer image-to-pose via two explicit mappings viz. image-to-latent and latent-to-pose where the latter is a pre-learned decoder obtained from a prior-enforcing generative adversarial auto-encoder. Next, we introduce relation distillation as a means to align the unpaired cross-modal samples i.e., the unpaired target videos and unpaired 3D pose sequences. To this end, we propose a new set of non-local relations in order to characterize long-range latent pose interactions, unlike general contrastive relations where positive couplings are limited to a local neighborhood structure. Further, we provide an objective way to quantify non-localness in order to select the most effective relation set. We evaluate different self-adaptation settings and demonstrate state-of-the-art 3D human pose estimation performance on standard benchmarks.

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