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Workshop: Causal Representation Learning

SCADI: Self-supervised Causal Disentanglement in Latent Variable Models

Heejeong Nam

Keywords: [ disentangled representation learning ] [ causal representation learning ] [ Self-supervised learning ]


Causal disentanglement has great potential for capturing complex situations. However, there is a lack of practical and efficient approaches. It is already known that most unsupervised disentangling methods are unable to produce identifiable results without additional information, often leading to randomly disentangled output. Therefore, most existing models for disentangling are weakly supervised, providing information about intrinsic factors, which incurs excessive costs. Therefore, we propose a novel model, SCADI(SElf-supervised CAusal DIsentanglement), that enables the model to discover semantic factors and learn their causal relationships without any supervision. This model combines a masked structural causal model (SCM) with a pseudo-label generator for causal disentanglement, aiming to provide a new direction for self-supervised causal disentanglement models.

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