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Workshop: Goal-Conditioned Reinforcement Learning

Entity-Centric Reinforcement Learning for Object Manipulation from Pixels

Dan Haramati · Tal Daniel · Aviv Tamar

Keywords: [ visual reinforcement learning ] [ robotic object manipulation ] [ Deep Reinforcement Learning ] [ object-centric ] [ Compositional Generalization ]


Manipulating objects is a hallmark of human intelligence, and an important task in domains such as robotics. In principle, Reinforcement Learning (RL) offers a general approach to learn object manipulation. In practice, however, domains with more than a few objects are difficult for RL agents due to the curse of dimensionality, especially when learning from raw image observations. In this work we propose a structured approach for visual RL that is suitable for representing multiple objects and their interaction, and use it to learn goal-conditioned manipulation of several objects. Key to our method is the ability to handle goals with dependencies between the objects (e.g., moving objects in a certain order). We further relate our architecture to the generalization capability of the trained agent, and demonstrate agents that learn with 3 objects but generalize to similar tasks with over 10 objects. Rollout videos are available on our website:

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