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Workshop: Goal-Conditioned Reinforcement Learning

Invited Talk: Jeff Clune

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Fri 15 Dec 8 a.m. PST — 8:40 a.m. PST


Title: Open-Ended and AI-Generating Algorithms in the Era of Foundation Models

Abstract: Foundation models create exciting new opportunities in our longstanding quests to produce open-ended and AI-generating algorithms, meaning agents that can truly keep learning forever. In this talk I will share some of our recent work harnessing the power of foundation models to make progress in these areas, including taking advantage of different forms of being goal-conditioned. I will cover three of our more recent papers: (1) OMNI: Open-endedness via Models of human Notions of Interestingness, (2) Video Pre-Training (VPT), and (3) Thought Cloning: Learning to Think while Acting by Imitating Human Thinking.

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