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Anthony M Zador

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories

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Anthony Zador is the Alle Davis Harrison Professor of Biology and former Chair of Neuroscience at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL). His laboratory focuses on three interrelated areas. First they study neural circuits underlying decisions about auditory and visual stimuli, using rodents as a model system. Second, they have pioneered a new class of technologies for determining the wiring diagram of a neural circuit. This approach--MAPseq and BARseq---converts neuronal wiring into a form that can be read out by high-throughput DNA sequencing. Finally, they are applying insights from neuroscience to artificial intelligence, attempting to close the gap between the capabilities of natural intelligence and the more limited capacities of current artificial systems.

Zador is a founder of the Cosyne conference, which brings together theoretical and experimental neuroscientists; and of the NAISys conference, which brings together neuroscientists and researchers in artificial intelligence. He has also launched a NeuroAI Scholars initiative at CSHL, a two-year program which helps early-stage researchers with a solid foundation in modern AI become fluent in modern neuroscience.