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Child Care

NeurIPS 2022 is proud to be providing free onsite child care this year. 


The registration deadline is October 27, 2022, and will be handled on a first-come first-served basis. KiddieCorp must receive both the registration form and your credit card information to hold reservations. Although every effort will be made to accommodate late or on-site registrations, there is no guarantee, and it is not recommended.

Meals ARE NOT provided. However, there will be water and snacks available for your child. If your child has any dietary allergies please indicate them on the registration form. 



There is no cost to utilize the children's program. To prevent overbooking, you will be required to provide a credit card number on a follow-up call that will be kept on file and will only be charged if you do not show up for your reserved days/hours and/or if you cancel your reserved days/hours after October 27, 2022. This is also the deadline date to confirm your registration hours.

The cancellation fee is $10 per hour, per child booked. We want to accommodate all parents who want to attend the conference and it is important to make sure that the childcare services can be fully utilized by all. For late cancellations due to illness, contact the KiddieKorp manager. 

There is a child care staff member per child ratio, so it is important for you to pick up your child on time. If you fail to pick up your child at the scheduled time, there will be a $10, per 30 minutes, per child, late fee.

For more information, contact KiddieCorp by phone at +1.858.455.1718 or by email at



Child care assistance awards are available for parents who can't use the free onsite childcare, or have extenuating circumstances that require additional childcare funds in order to attend the NeurIPS conference, such as a child with special needs. Please email us with any questions or interest in applying for a childcare award at this link: NeurIPS 2022 Child Care Assistance Award.

Register with KiddieCorp using the following link:

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