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NeurIPS 2022 Financial Assistance



  • Applications are now closed and we cannot consider late applications under any circumstances.
  • Regarding notification:
    • All Scholar Awardees were notified on October 7th, 2022.
    • All Volunteers were notified on October 17th, 2022.
    • Financial Assistance Awards will be given to accepted Volunteers who specifically applied for additional financial assistance. Contact the NeurIPS 2022 Volunteer Chairs <> for questions about this process.
  • Room shares are not allowed for travel awardees.


The Neural Information Processing Systems Foundation is proud to provide some financial support to individuals for whom attendance would cause a financial burden.

Eligibility: The NeurIPS 2022 Financial Assistance program will prioritize student & junior postdoc (< 2 years) conference authors. If funding amounts allow, we will also consider funding applications on the grounds of other inclusion criteria, including diversity and accessibility, affinity group membership, financial hardship and cost of attendance, and first-time attendance.

  • If you have an accepted paper at the main conference:

  • If you do not have an accepted paper at the main conference:


Application deadline: October 3rd, 2022 (6:00 PM Pacific Time)

Notification for Scholar Awards: October 7th, 2022

Notification for Volunteering/Financial Assistance Awards: October 14th, 2022

Contact the NeurIPS 2022 Volunteer Chairs <> with questions specifically about the Volunteer and Financial Assistance programs.

Contact the NeurIPS 2022 DIA Chairs <> with general questions about the financial assistance programs this year at NeurIPS and questions about diversity, inclusion and accessibility.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Which authors on an accepted paper are eligible for a Scholar Award?

All authors—not just the main presenter(s)—are eligible for a Scholar Award provided that they satisfy the other eligibility criteria laid out in the Scholar Award application.


Does a paper accepted to the NeurIPS 2022 Datasets & Benchmarks Track qualify as an “accepted conference paper” for the purposes of the Scholar Award?



Does a paper accepted to the NeurIPS 2022 Journal-to-Conference Track qualify as an “accepted conference paper” for the purposes of the Scholar Award?



Does a paper accepted to one of the NeurIPS 2022 Workshops qualify as an “accepted conference paper” for the purposes of the Scholar Award?

No, a workshop paper is not a conference paper. You can apply for Volunteering or further Financial Assistance separately from a Scholar Award, or you may find that the workshop in question is also running a financial assistance program for which you qualify.


Do the Financial Assistance programs cover any virtual aspects of NeurIPS?

Yes: A virtual-only registration. The application forms allow you to decline to apply for a hotel stay and to specify that you are applying for the virtual pass.


Would the complimentary registration cover all events at NeurIPS?

Yes, complimentary in-person registration includes both workshop and conference registration. A virtual pass covers all aspects of the virtual conference.


For how many nights would a complimentary hotel stay be awarded?

Recipients of a Scholar Award will receive a 7-night stay. Volunteers who are awarded financial assistance will receive a stay of length based on the details of their application.


In which hotel would the complimentary hotel stay be provided? 

We have a block of rooms at one of the NeurIPS 2022 affiliate hotels put aside for financial assistance awardees, where complimentary hotel stays will be arranged.


Should I pay the NeurIPS registration fee before I receive a decision on financial assistance from NeurIPS?

If you are applying for a Scholar Award, it is not necessary but OK to do so. NeurIPS is able to grant refunds for paid registrations, so if you are granted a complimentary registration after having paid for one, you will be refunded by NeurIPS. (An invitation letter to be used for a visa application requires a paid or complimentary registration, and so you will need to pay for registration upfront if you require an invitation letter before the Financial Assistance notification date.)

If you are applying for general Financial Assistance outside of a Scholar Award, we ask that you pay for the registration fee upfront, as your registration fee will be reimbursed after completion of your volunteer shift(s). However, if you are unable to cover your registration fees up-front, you can make a note of this in the last question of the Financial Assistance application, and we will review this request.


Should I book a hotel room before I receive a decision on financial assistance from NeurIPS?

If you are granted a complimentary hotel stay, NeurIPS will arrange the hotel stay on your behalf. Please note that NeurIPS is not able to provide monetary reimbursement this year, so would not be able to reimburse you for a hotel stay that you have paid for. (Of course, you may book a hotel stay that is refundable without penalty on your own, but NeurIPS would not be involved in this process.) 


I am a non-traditional student or academic researcher that does not fit into the “student or junior postdoc” categories listed in the Scholar Award Application. Am I eligible for the award?

Select the student or postdoc category that most closely matches your situation, give your position title as a “Job Title,” and provide a justification for your eligibility as a response to “List any other information or questions that you would like to share with the DIA Chairs and/or organizers.” We will evaluate such instances on a case-by-case basis. 


I applied, or I intend to apply, for a financial assistance program run by an affinity group or workshop at NeurIPS 2022. Can I still apply to one of the NeurIPS 2022 Financial Assistance Programs?

Yes. We will review all applications with respect to our support and inclusion goals, and aim to support as many people in need as we can, given our funding constraints. In addition, we are in coordination with such funding programs to avoid double-funding participants.