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Wed 0:30 On Robust Optimal Transport: Computational Complexity and Barycenter Computation
Khang Le · Huy Nguyen · Quang M Nguyen · Tung Pham · Hung Bui · Nhat Ho
Tue 8:30 Automated Discovery of Adaptive Attacks on Adversarial Defenses
Chengyuan Yao · Pavol Bielik · Petar Tsankov · Martin Vechev
Tue 9:00 An Automatic Finite-Data Robustness Metric for Bayes and Beyond: Can Dropping a Little Data Change Conclusions?
Wed 16:30 Online Learning in Periodic Zero-Sum Games
Tanner Fiez · Ryann Sim · Stratis Skoulakis · Georgios Piliouras · Lillian Ratliff
Wed 0:30 Latent Equilibrium: A unified learning theory for arbitrarily fast computation with arbitrarily slow neurons
Paul Haider · Benjamin Ellenberger · Laura Kriener · Jakob Jordan · Walter Senn · Mihai A. Petrovici
Tue 16:30 On Interaction Between Augmentations and Corruptions in Natural Corruption Robustness
Eric Mintun · Alexander Kirillov · Saining Xie
Thu 16:30 Sample Selection for Fair and Robust Training
Yuji Roh · Kangwook Lee · Steven Whang · Changho Suh
Fri 8:30 Adversarial Training Helps Transfer Learning via Better Representations
Zhun Deng · Linjun Zhang · Kailas Vodrahalli · Kenji Kawaguchi · James Zou
Fri 8:30 Visual Adversarial Imitation Learning using Variational Models
Rafael Rafailov · Tianhe Yu · Aravind Rajeswaran · Chelsea Finn
Tue 8:30 On the Algorithmic Stability of Adversarial Training
Yue Xing · Qifan Song · Guang Cheng
Tue 16:30 Visualizing the Emergence of Intermediate Visual Patterns in DNNs
Mingjie Li · Shaobo Wang · Quanshi Zhang
Wed 0:30 IQ-Learn: Inverse soft-Q Learning for Imitation
Divyansh Garg · Shuvam Chakraborty · Chris Cundy · Jiaming Song · Stefano Ermon