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Workshop: Machine Learning and the Physical Sciences

Multi-Fidelity Transfer Learning for accurate database PDE approximation

Wenzhuo LIU · Mouadh Yagoubi · Marc Schoenauer · David Danan


Data-driven approaches to accelerate computation time on PDE-based physical problems have recently received growing interest. Deep Learning algorithms are applied to learn from samples of accurate approximations of the PDEs solutions computed by numerical solvers. However, generating a large-scale dataset with accurate solutions using these classical solvers remains challenging due to their high computational cost. In this work, we propose a multi-fidelity transfer learning approach that combines a large amount of low-cost data from poor approximations with a small but accurately computed dataset. Experiments on two physical problems (airfoil flow and wheel contact) show that by transferring prior-knowledge learned from the inaccurate dataset, our approach can predict well PDEs solutions, even when only a few samples of highly accurate solutions are available.

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