Affinity Workshop: Women in Machine Learning

A recommendation system for technology intelligence based on multiplex networks

Foutse Yuehgoh


In order to identify technological opportunities and threats that may affect the future development and survival of companies, the scientific experts of these companies must scan and monitor developments in the external environment using a structured process called "technology intelligence." Technology intelligence is the collection and delivery of technological information as part of a structured process through which an organization/company develops awareness of technological threats and opportunities for its experts. This includes the experts' constant search for key information from the Internet, provided by various sources, to stay abreast of current developments in their area of interest and remain competitive. This information, which comes from data sources on the Internet, is stored as structured "documents." Therefore, one problem that Technology Intelligence faces is the real-time recommendation of relevant documents to experts. In Technology Intelligence, all of this information extracted from the Internet is associated with various processing steps that must be permanently continued or repeated for each new subject of investigation in order to obtain valid results. Thus, the need for an efficient recommendation system on the crawled data becomes clear.

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