Affinity Workshop: Women in Machine Learning

3D-LatentMapper: View Agnostic Single-View Reconstruction of 3D Shapes

Alara Dirik · Pinar Yanardag


Computer graphics, 3D computer vision and robotics communities have produced multiple approaches to represent and generate 3D shapes, as well as a vast number of use cases. However, single-view reconstruction remains a challenging topic, which can unlock various interesting use cases such as interactive design. In this work, we propose a novel framework that leverages the intermediate latent spaces of Vision Transformer (ViT) and a joint image-text representational model, CLIP, for fast and efficient Single View Reconstruction (SVR). More specifically, we propose a novel mapping network architecture that learns a mapping between deep features extracted from ViT and CLIP, and the latent space of a base 3D generative model. Unlike previous work, our method enables view-agnostic reconstruction of 3D shapes, even in the presence of large occlusions. We use the ShapeNetV2 dataset and perform extensive experiments with comparisons to SOTA methods to demonstrate our method's effectiveness.

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