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Workshop: Machine Learning for Autonomous Driving

Imitation Is Not Enough: Robustifying Imitation with Reinforcement Learning for Challenging Driving Scenarios

Yiren Lu · Yiren Lu · Yiren Lu · Justin Fu · George Tucker · Xinlei Pan · Eli Bronstein · Rebecca Roelofs · Benjamin Sapp · Brandyn White · Aleksandra Faust · Shimon Whiteson · Dragomir Anguelov · Sergey Levine


Imitation learning (IL) is a simple and powerful way to use high-quality human driving data, which can be collected at scale, to identify driving preferences and produce human-like behavior. However, policies based on imitation learning alone often fail to sufficiently account for safety and reliability concerns. In this paper, we show how imitation learning combined with reinforcement learning using simple rewards can substantially improve the safety and reliability of driving policies over those learned from imitation alone. In particular, we use imitation and reinforcement learning to train a policy on over 100k miles of urban driving data, and measure its effectiveness in test scenarios grouped by different levels of collision risk. To our knowledge, this is the first application of a combined imitation and reinforcement learning approach in autonomous driving that utilizes large amounts of real-world human driving data.

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