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Workshop: The Symbiosis of Deep Learning and Differential Equations II

Blind Drifting: Diffusion models with a linear SDE drift term for blind image restoration tasks

Simon Welker · Henry Chapman · Timo Gerkmann


In this work, we utilize the high-fidelity generation abilities of diffusion models to solve blind image restoration tasks, using JPEG artifact removal at high compression levels as an example. We propose a simple modification of the forward stochastic differential equation (SDE) of diffusion models to adapt them to such tasks. Comparing our approach against a regression baseline with the same network architecture, we show that our approach can escape the baseline's tendency to generate blurry images and recovers the distribution of clean images significantly more faithfully, while also only requiring a dataset of clean/corrupted image pairs and no knowledge about the corruption operation. By utilizing the idea that the distributions of clean and corrupted images are much closer to each other than to a Gaussian prior, our approach requires only low levels of added noise, and thus needs comparatively few sampling steps even without further optimizations.

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