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Workshop: 5th Robot Learning Workshop: Trustworthy Robotics

Learning a Meta-Controller for Dynamic Grasping

Yinsen Jia · Jingxi Xu · Dinesh Jayaraman · Shuran Song


Grasping moving objects is a challenging task that combines multiple modules such as object pose predictor, arm motion planner, etc. Each module operates under its own set of meta-parameters, for example, the prediction horizon in the pose predictor and the time budget for planning motion in the motion planner. Many previous works assign fixed values to these parameters either heuristically or through grid search; however, at different time steps within a single episode of dynamic grasping, there should be different optimal values for each parameter, depending on the current scene. In this work, we learn a meta-controller through reinforcement learning to control the prediction horizon and time budget dynamically at each time step. Our experiments show that the meta-controller significantly improves the grasping success rate and reduces grasping time, compared to baselines whose parameters are fixed or random. Our meta-controller learns to reason about the reachable workspace and through dynamically controlling the meta-parameters, it maintains the predicted pose and the planned motion within the reachable region. It also generalizes to different environment setups and can handle various target motions and obstacles.

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