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Workshop: 5th Robot Learning Workshop: Trustworthy Robotics

Certifiably-correct Control Policies for Safe Learning and Adaptation in Assistive Robotics

Keyvan Majd · GEOFFEY CLARK · Tanmay Khandait · · Sriram Sankaranarayanan · Georgios Fainekos · Heni Ben Amor


Guaranteeing safety in human-centric applications is critical in robot learning as the learned policies may demonstrate unsafe behaviors in formerly unseen scenarios. We present a framework to locally repair an erroneous policy network to satisfy a set of formal safety constraints using Mixed Integer Quadratic Programming (MIQP). Our MIQP formulation explicitly imposes the safety constraints to the learned policy while minimizing the original loss function. The policy network is then verified to be locally safe. We demonstrate the application of our framework to derive safe policies for a robotic lower-leg prosthesis.

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